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There are a lot of ways to make money online. You can sell products on eBay, send out emails and build up your email list, or even earn money by doing surveys. If you’ve ever been curious about how these work, then this post is for you! We’ll go over some of the best sites out there where people can get paid to answer questions and participate in surveys.

Survey Junkie

If you’re looking for a survey site that pays well and has a variety of surveys available, then Survey Junkie is one of the best options. The site is easy to use and has great mobile app, which makes it ideal for those who don’t want to spend hours filling out their profile or signing up for accounts.

There are many types of surveys available on this site:

  • Paid Surveys (survey takers get paid) – This can be anything from online surveys like Amazon Mechanical Turk to in-person short polls like Google Forms or Qualtrics.
  • Ongoing Surveys – These are ongoing projects where you get paid after every question answered correctly; they’re usually more difficult than regular paid surveys but still offer good payouts! There’s also an option called “Achievement Rewards” which gives users free gift cards when they reach certain milestones throughout their participation in these types of programs.


Swagbucks is a rewards site where you earn points for online activities and then cash out for gift cards. In addition to surveys, they also have other ways of earning points including watching videos or doing other tasks like shopping, playing games and more.

Since Swagbucks has such a large database of people who use the site, they are able to find those who are eligible for survey opportunities on their website. They also have an easy sign up process with no credit card required so there’s no need to go through any kind of verification process before being able to start earning cash back!

Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is one of the best survey sites. They have a great selection of surveys to choose from, including paid surveys from home, mobile device and computer. Some of their most popular fields are:

  • Paid Surveys for Teenagers
  • Paid Surveys for College Students
  • Paid Surveys for Stay at Home Moms

Valued Opinion

Valued Opinion is a market research company that pays you to share your opinion. You can earn $50 per survey, and they offer several different platforms with different types of questions. You can take part in online surveys, in-person surveys and mobile surveys—and every time you complete a survey, you’ll earn points that will be redeemable for prizes like gift cards and cash rewards.

The best part? You don’t even have to have your own home computer! You can use their app or website on your phone or tablet instead (though they recommend using both).  

Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is a legitimate survey site that pays you to take surveys. It has a large variety of surveys and offers high payouts, so if you’re looking for something easy and lucrative, this may be the best option for you.

  • Payout threshold: $10
  • Surveys available: Yes (over 2,000)


MyPoints is a rewards program that pays you to shop, watch videos and complete surveys. You can earn points by completing surveys, watching videos and shopping online. You can redeem your points for gift cards and other prizes. The site is free to join so there’s no reason not to give it a shot!


InboxDollars is a rewards site where you can earn gift cards for taking surveys, trying products, watching videos and more.

InboxDollars has a very easy to use interface. You get paid for every survey you complete.-


SurveySavvy is a legitimate survey site that pays in cash or gift cards. It’s easy to sign up, and they have a large selection of surveys to choose from. Their surveys are short, so it doesn’t take long before you get your payment!

SurveySavvy also has a rewards program: every time you complete an online survey through SurveySavvy, they give you points which can be used toward purchasing products like Amazon gift cards or PayPal money transfers with friends and family members who have already joined SurveySavvy’s rewards program (more on this below).

Life Points

This is a great way to earn points in your survey, and you can redeem them for gift cards from Amazon, iTunes, Starbucks and more! The points will automatically be added to your account when you complete a survey.

You can also choose how many Life Points you want each month. For example: 5 life points per monthly survey or 10 life points per monthly survey if they’re long surveys (up to 20 minutes). These options are available when signing up at the beginning of each month by clicking “Start My $1 Trial” or by using the “Add Money” button on the top right corner of any page with payment methods listed under it.

Not all surveys are scams. There are legitimate surveys for money out there.

Surveys are a legitimate way to make money, and there are some that pay well. If you’re interested in earning some cash by completing surveys, here’s what you need to know:

  • Not all surveys are scams. There are legitimate survey sites that will give you money for completing them. There are also scammy sites out there that try to trick people into filling out their forms by offering high rewards but never paying up on time or at all! Make sure your website is reputable before joining any of its member programs because these can be very expensive if they don’t work out as planned (and they won’t).


If you want to make extra cash and help out your family, there are many legitimate survey sites available. They all have different payout amounts and requirements, but they’re all worth taking advantage of! The most important thing is getting started on a site that will suit your needs best.

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